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13-15 December 2023, Novi Sad

3 days-conference with a strong media coverage and high visibility

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In this Working Group, young participants will engage in a dynamic discussion on environmental challenges and opportunities in the Western Balkans (WB) and the European Union (EU). The group’s agenda includes an in-depth analysis of the European Green Deal and the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans. Young activists will examine pressing issues like decarbonisation, depollution, circular economy, and the future of climate. By exploring these topics, the group aims to formulate practical, forward-looking conclusions that resonate with the youth’s expectations and can guide policy-making towards sustainable environmental practices.

Each working group will consist of up to 10 young people from both the Western Balkans and the EU, including a participant from the previous edition of the Forum. The goal is to facilitate a comprehensive exchange of ideas and experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of each area and crafting conclusions that reflect the youth’s perspective and aspirations for the future.

Working Group conclusions


  • Bolster regulatory frameworks to facilitate sustainable urbanization, seamlessly integrating urban forest planning into the city’s holistic development;

  • Proactively endorse and oversee initiatives for ecosystem restoration, championing projects that revitalize and safeguard our natural habitats;

  • Promote non-formal educational strategies, cultivating sustainability awareness through dynamic platforms like workshops, conferences, training programs, and cross-cultural exchanges;

  • Support inclusive decision-making, with a specific focus on execution of already existing laws regarding youth participation to shape environmental action plans;

  • Encourage and support data-driven research on local flora and fauna, creating basic atmosphere for advocacy and financial support for biodiversity;

  • Strengthen monitoring mechanisms to uphold existing environmental laws, ensuring transparency by publicly disclosing the process and progress;

  • Implement routine audits, engage citizens through accessible reporting systems, and foster collaboration between enforcement agencies and environmental organizations for effective implementation and respect for legal frameworks.

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