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13-15 December 2023, Novi Sad

3 days-conference with a strong media coverage and high visibility

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Regional Integration

This Working Group unites young participants from the Western Balkans (WB) and the European Union (EU) to explore the multifaceted theme of regional integration. Focusing on the EU’s enlargement and the integration of the Western Balkans into the EU Single Market, as well as internal WB integration, discussions will delve into the impact of major initiatives like the Common Regional Market (CRM) Action Plan. Participants will discuss the four freedoms (movement of goods, services, capital, and people) and their relevance for youth in the context of EU economic integration. Concrete results of CRM, such as roaming charge reduction, mobility agreements as well as green and digital transformation, will be analysed to understand their benefits for the youth. Additionally, topics like the New Growth Plan, EU institutional reform, and cooperation in other relevant areas will be explored, culminating in actionable conclusions aimed at influencing policy-makers in the EU and Western Balkans.

Each working group will consist of up to 10 young people from both the Western Balkans and the EU, including a participant from the previous edition of the Forum. The goal is to facilitate a comprehensive exchange of ideas and experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of each area and crafting conclusions that reflect the youth’s perspective and aspirations for the future.

Working Group Conclusions


History, reconciliation and “ghosts” of the past
Recommendations: Investing into research dealing with the past conflicts, reconciliation and peacebuilding;

Education access, mutual recognition, and mobility across the region and access to Erasmus+
Recommendations: Investing into research dealing with the past conflicts, reconciliation and peacebuilding;Recommendations: Giving full Erasmus+ membership status to all EU candidate countries and potential candidates;

Recognition and cooperation of Umbrella Youth Council with governments, their resources and financing at the economy level
Recommendations: Advocating for the legislative reform for the Umbrella Youth Councils to gain access to consistent funding and legal recognition and subsequent integration in all questions on youth based on good practices, legal frameworks and mechanisms in other economies;

Underrepresentation and under-participation of youth in politics and public life, lack of EU youth dialogue in the Western Balkans
Recommendations: Reforming policies and opening them towards youth participation in decision-making and governing through initiatives, such as the EU-Balkan Youth Forum. Establishing a Joint Regional Accredited Youth Leadership Academy;

Enhancing connectivity within the Western Balkan region
Recommendations: Making a joint initiative with the European Investment Bank to subsidise infrastructure projects connecting Western Balkan (WB) economies. Encouraging inter- Balkan tourism.



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