Working Group 1: Regional Integration

(BA International Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade) is a master’s student and a Teaching Associate at the Faculty of Political Sciences (UoB) specialised in European integration, and an intern at the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) with previous experience in think-tanks and EU Delegation to Serbia. She is the author of several academic articles. She is fluent in Serbian, English and Macedonian, and conversant in French and Italian.


Working Group 1: Regional Integration

Spyros Papadatos is a passionate young European, born and raised in a rural area of an island in Greece. He has been shaped by international mobility and considers himself primarily an active European citizen. He is a youth worker and a Non-Formal Education trainer, with more than 250 hours of delivery. Since his first international youth activity in 2014, he has committed to youth work and the rights of young people, while exploring different cultures and even himself during this learning journey.


Working Group 2: Environment

Emir Delić is an accomplished environmental specialist dedicated to biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability. With dual master’s degrees in Forest Engineering/Wildlife and Aquatic Biology/River Conservation, he explores and advocates for the health of forest and aquatic ecosystems. Emir actively addresses climate change and engages in conservation efforts globally, collaborating with prestigious organizations including the World Bank Group, USDA Forest Service IP, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International Organization for Migration (IOM).


Working Group 2: Environment

Nadica is the partnership and project manager at ENGSO Youth where she leads collaborative initiatives and oversees multifaceted projects. With a passion for leveraging sports as a tool for positive change, she also stands as an International Sport for Development Consultant, contributing her expertise to a global context.  She has been working as a facilitator for over 6 years now and has delivered many trainings on gender equality, education, employability, sustainability, and many more.


Working Group 3: Human Capital Development

Stevo Pucar is a full professor at the University of Banja Luka and a visiting professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) in the fields of macroeconomics, human capital development and development economics. He is the author of a significant number of academic and professional articles, the results of which have been presented worldwide. Additionally, he has authored more than 20 development strategies and city development strategies (financed by the World Bank, UNDP, Swedish SIDA, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – SDC, etc.), where human capital, competitiveness, economic growth and development played a crucial role.  Currently he is one of key experts in Smart Specialization Strategy design process in BiH.


Working Group 3: Human Capital Development

Irena Topalli, an International Relations Manager at the National Youth Congress in Albania and external expert for Beyond Barriers Association, brings over 17 years of experience in civil society. As a Program Manager at Beyond Barriers, she focused on youth policy development, strategic cooperation with the Balkans and Europe, and contributed to national and international advancements in youth policies, volunteering, and intercultural learning. Ira is an expert for Erasmus+ Youth, Europe for Citizens, and European Solidarity Corps programs, serving on SALTO SEE’s Team of Trainers and Team of Accreditors for a decade. She is a freelance expert in international youth work, having organized and led over 100 events for institutions such as the European Commission, Council of Europe, RYCO, OSCE, and more.