Applications are welcome by university students up to 26 years old. Applications by practitioners up to 26 years old will be evaluated only in exceptional circumstances, consistently with their CVs.
Applications to the EU-Balkan Youth Forum are welcome by university students up to 26 years old, nationals, or residents, in EU or Western Balkans Countries. Applications will be evaluated according to the CVs and letter of motivation.
In order to apply, you will need a valid ID/passport. You need to be proficient in English language, even if no language certification is required.

To access the Forum, participants will need to prove to be covid-19 free. In Italy, this means  to own a "green certificate" either obtained by anti COVID-19 vaccination (validated by EU EMA) or by a temporary (48 hours) negativity demonstrated by PCR test, consistently with Italian Law.
We are setting up the Conference venue in order to facilitate all participants who do not have a valid EU green certificate, to get the certificate through a PCR test.

If your application is evaluated positively, you will be contacted directly by organisers, ideally in the period 15th-31th October, to ask to confirm your will to participate to the Forum. In that case, your expenses, from travel to accomodation, including full board treatment and health insurance, will be covered by organizers. No participation fee is foreseen, nor payment for attendance.

Should the letter of motivation be about me or should the letter respond to the question how youth can make the difference in the topics to be discussed in working groups at the Forum? 
The letter should serve to organisers to understand your interest to the Forum and the added value you may bring to the conference, in  case you will be selected.

Applicants should send (upload) a max two-pages CV and fill the web form with a proposal on how youth can make a difference in no more than two of the five topics to be discussed in the working groups at the Forum. It means:
• Upload your CV
• Fill in the web-form (sections: “Motivation for the participation” and “Your ideas how to promote afterwards conference results”) focusing on max. two of the five topics to be discussed in the working groups.